Normally it means that the service is active only for registered or authenticated users; or it may not be available.

Please ask your Consular office about the problem

From the Portal homepage, simply access "Password recovery" and enter the email address used during registration. In this way you will receive an email with directions for access.

It is the Consulate responsible for the place of residence. To take advantage of consular services it is necessary to be registered in the Consular Register of reference.

You need to check your "junk mail" or spam folder in your email. If you don't find any email, you should access the web site with the chosen credentials and send the activation email again, by clicking on the "send again the code" link that appears after logging in.

The user registered on the Consular Services website can request registration in AIRE (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad) within the category "Consular and AIRE Registry ", by accessing the service " Request AIRE registration ".
At the end of the procedure the application will be forwarded to the consulate: an operator will take charge of the application and, once checked that it is complete, will forward it to the Municipality of origin in Italy (AIRE is in effect kept by law by the Italian Municipalities). Pending a response from the Municipality, you are automatically registered in the Consular file of your Consulate. However, the status of "registered with AIRE" is obtained once the Consulate has received confirmation from the Municipality of registration with AIRE.

NB. The AIRE application is not automatically accepted: you will receive real time updates on the status of the file and you will be notified of its completion. For a description of the status of the case, please refer to the appropriate section on this page.

Unfortunately, once you have clicked on the "OK" button in the "Warning, you are changing the reference consular office. Are you sure you want to continue?" there is no way to going back. It is still possible to change your place of residence, but only among those within to the District of the new Consulate. At the moment, the only solution at the moment to correct the situation is to cancel the account and create a new one, indicating the correct residence. After that, it will be necessary either fill in a request of address change (if the new address falls within the district the old Consulate), or Aire registration (which will be considered as a change of residence) if your new address falls within the area of a new Consulate.

The portal of the Consular Services allows you to be updated in real time on the status of the files presented.

For this purpose we have provided the following states:

  • Submitted: the procedure has been completed on the portal and the data has been sent to the consulate. The practices in this state can be taken over by the operators. The applications are processed on a first come first serve basis
  • In progress: the operator has taken charge of the file and is going on processing.
  • Canceled by User: requests can be canceled until they are "Working".
  • Sent to the Municipality: as a part of the process, the Consulate has sent appropriate communication to the Municipality in charge for Aire registration, in order to accomplish the registration.
  • Verification failed: during the processing of the file, the Consulate detected errors that can be corrected by the user, who will receive appropriate indications in this regard.
  • Rejected by Operator: the Consulate, during the processing of the file, found irremediable errors, which do not allow to complete it. You will receive an appropriate message with the reasons for the refusal.
  • Defined: the practice has been successfully completed.

In order to have documents suitable to be successfully uploaded on the portal, we recommend to follow the guidelines on this page this page