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Users verified by the Consulate can take advantage of many active services on the portal.

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Citizen services

Find your Consulate of competence

A tool to identify the competent Consular Office in charge of our consular paperworks.

The Italian consular diplomatic network in the world.

The Consulates in the world
Find your Consulate of competence
Institutional websites

The services related to the Aire register (Registry of Italians residing abroad).

Request the registration in the Registry of Italian citizens residing abroad (AIRE)
View your registry personal file
Notify the change of address

Assistance to Italian nationals

For those in difficulty.

Information on the representative bodies of Italians abroad.

COMITES in the world
The General Council of Italians Abroad
"Diplomazia Economica italiana" (Economic Italian Diplomacy)
The Italian Cultural Institute's network


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Communications from the site

  • Si prega di non utilizzare indirizzi PEC per la registrazione al portale, in quanto i sistemi di posta certificata non accettano email dai sistemi di posta ordinari. Ciò rende impossibile, in fase di registrazione, la verifica dell’email, come anche il reset della password. Please do not use PEC (italian Certified Email system) email addresses during sign up, as certified mail systems do not accept items from ordinary email systems. This makes impossible email verification, as well as password reset